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The Blood Brothers present...



The 78th Street Theatre Lab
236 West 78th St., 2nd Floor
October 11-27, 2007

new plays by 
James Comtois — Qui Nguyen — Mac Rogers


 Gyda Arber — Michael Criscuolo — Jessi Gotta,

Marc Landers — Anna Kull — Brian Silliman

directed by 

Pete Boisvert — Stephanie Cox-Williams — Patrick Shearer

Production Team

Production Manager — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Stage Manager — Jessica Lazar
Board Operator — Mike Caputo
Fight Choreographer — Qui Nguyen
Lighting Designer — Phil Shearer
Makeup Designer — Leslie Hughes
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer
Original Music — Larry Lees
Press Agent — James Comtois

Pete Boisvert, Rebecca Comtois, 
Stephanie Cox-Williams, 
Patrick Shearer 

Associate Producers
James Comtois, Marc Landers

Photos by Aaron Epstein