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The Blood Brothers present...

Freaks from the Morgue


The Kraine Theater 
85 E. 4th Street
Saturday, June 11th — Sunday, July 3rd


new plays by 
James Comtois — Stephanie Cox-Williams — Mac Rogers
Brian Silliman — Crystal Skillman


Leah Carrell — TJ Clark — Stephanie Cox-Williams
Stephanie Finn — Marc Landers — Abraham Makany
Samantha Mason — Collin McConnell — Judy Merrick
Ingrid Nordstrom — Ben Schnickel


directed by 
Pete Boisvert — John Hurley — Patrick Shearer


Production Team

Production Stage Manager — Jenna Dempsey 
Rehearsal SMs — Stephanie Cox-Williams & Sandy Yaklin 
Costume Designer — Karle Myers 
Graphic Designer — Pete Boisvert 
Lighting Designer — Jeremy Pape & Russell Dobular 
Makeup Designer — Melissa Roth 
Sound Designer — Patrick Shearer 
Props & Effects Designer — Stephanie Cox-Williams 
Fight Choreographer — Joe Mathers 
Carpenter — Chris Connolly 
Original Music — Larry Lees 
Press Agent — James Comtois & Ron Lasko


Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, 
Stephanie Cox-Williams, 
Patrick Shearer 

Associate Producers
Rebecca Comtois, Marc Landers, 
Ben VandenBoom, Christopher Yustin

Photos by Aaron Epstein

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