The Off-Off Broadway Community Dish (“The Dish”) is a meeting place and forum for the Off-Off/Indie theater community to share ideas and resources. Founded in 2002 by Zachary Mannheimer (then Artistic Director of The Subjective Theater Company), the genesis of The Dish was to bring together community members over a potluck meal with the hope of developing a sense of commun ity and shared purpose. 

Today, the Dish is a hub of communication made up of dozens of the leading Off-Off/Indie theatres in the NYC area. The Dish reaches out to hundreds of theatre artists across the NYC area by way of a regularly updated listserv, and it hosts 6 – 8 networking meetings and events per year. Through the Dish’s efforts, organizations and artists have been able to share information and resources, partake in cross marketing, work on building the Off-Off/Indie audience, vigorously debate and discuss theater and society, support each other’s work and most importantly address the issues facing the community.

It is the Dish’s mandate to be a useful network of support that ALL Off-Off/Indie theatre artists can turn for information, assistance, and inspiration!

A Community of Independent Theatre Companies

There are nearly 1,000 active theatre companies in the Off-Off Broadway world. Within each of these companies lies considerable resources and talent. However, even though many of the artists are working toward similar goals, they are unfamiliar with each other and the efforts of their respective organizations.

The Community Dish is designed to bring together members of the Off-Off community with the intention of promoting communication between independent artists. While enjoying a meal, the artists in attendance will have the opportunity to discuss common challenges such as finding space, audience development, budgeting, fundraising, marketing and producing theatre on a shoestring budget. Through open discussion and exchange, we hope to build a support system that will help ease the burden for independent artists and increase the potency of their artistic endeavors.

Historically, Off-Off Broadway theatre has benefited from its long-established bond with the NYC community. By strengthening the relationships between our companies and combining our resources and efforts, The Dish believes that the Off-Off Broadway world will have a stronger collective voice and can better serve the people of New York.

If you are an artist representing an Off-Off organization and would like to attend, please contact Tim Errickson or Amanda Feldman.



March 16, 2009
December 7, 2008
September 21, 2008
August 3, 2008

Upcoming Events

The Dish Companies

Algonquin Productions
Ampersand Theatre Company
And How ! Theater Company
Art House Productions
Ateh Theater Group
Banana Bag and Bodice
The Beggars Group
Blue Coyote Theater Group
The Boomerang Theatre Company
Breedingground Productions
Castillo Theatre
Clancy Productions
The Dreamscape Theatre
East River Commedia
Emerging Artists Theatre
Flux Theatre Ensemble
Foolish Theatre Company
Gideon Productions
Impetuous Theater Group
Love Street Theatre
The Management Company
Metropolitan Playhouse
Mind The Gap Theatre
Misfit Toys Repertory Company
New Georges
New Perspectives Theatre Company
Nosedive Productions
One Armed Man
One Year Lease
Peculiar Works Project
Retro Productions
Reverie Productions
Rising Phoenix Rep
Small Pond Entertainment
Smokin’ Word
Stolen Chair Theatre Company
Stone Soup Theatre Arts
The Subjective Theatre Company
TerraNova Collective
The Brick Theater
The Lady Cavalier Theatre Company
Theatre of the Expendable
Vampire Cowboys
White Horse Theatre Company
Working Man's Clothes Productions

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