Originally formed in 2000 as a theatre company to showcase the respective playwriting and directing work of James Comtois and Pete Boisvert, Nosedive Productions is rapidly providing a home for numerous talented and energetic indie theatre artists in New York.

Nosedive Productions relies on your generous support to continue presenting compelling theatre that simultaneously entertains and challenges our audience with a dark and often comic view of the inner demons that haunt the contemporary American psyche.




New Archive Videos


10 Years : Gratitude

10 Years : A Chronology

10 Years : The Monkey Years

10 Years : Valentine


The Caveman Fight

Yustin and Silliman After Hours

I Like Weed


What Will Our Fearless
Nervous-Boy Do?

Sonnet For Pete

Simon Goes To Jail

Special Skills

Quota Jim Pitches Zombie Tom

Wookiepiece Theatre

Where Is Overman?


Bobby's Monologue


Banana Split

The Attempt

Common Knowledge

James Grows A Moustache

Hey, Apple!

Goon Fight


Small Consolations



10 Years : Gratitude


10 Years : The Monkey Years


10 Years : A Chronology


10 Years : Valentine


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